The year is almost over and we’d like to send a very special Christmas wish to all our clients and to the staff, committee, counsellors, programme facilitators and health professionals who play such an essential role in the provision of our services.

We are closed from Wednesday 21st December for the holidays, and are re-opening on Tuesday 3rd January 2017.

Holiday season emergencies and crises

We know Christmas is a time to celebrate but it can also be a very challenging time for those facing an emergency or crisis of any kind. Emergency numbers which may be useful over the  holidays:

Lifeline 08088088000

The Samaritans 02871265511.

Derry Well Women courses January to April 2017

We have released details of our new programmes and classes for January to April 2017 and Enrolment takes place is on Tuesday 10th January from 9.30am – 4.30pm.

Our new programmes offer ways for you to have individual support through counselling, listening ear, one-to-one clinics and medical signposting. We also offer support groups for women who are experiencing health issues with cancer and M.S. – these provide excellent support and understanding. They also provide you with the chance to meet other women with similar health and lifestyle issues.

Courses and classes include confidence and self esteem building classes, assertiveness, life coaching for positive change, developing skills to cope with depression, anxiety and stress and practical supports for women in later life and support for women living with Dementia .

We offer a range of programmes suited to supporting the mother/baby relationship; these include baby reflexology, baby massage, breastfeeding support, children’s nutrition, sleep management and Behaviour Management programmes.

Derry Well Women is committed to supporting women who have been directly affected by the Troubles through our Harmony Programme.

Our support to women living with a cancer diagnosis includes cancer counselling, a fortnightly cancer support group, a two-day 2-day Cancer Programme and an 8-week 36-hour behavioural management programme—The Well Programme.

For details go to: