Derry Well Women have released details of our women’s health programmes and courses for January to April 2018. Enrolment for the new classes is this Friday 12th January from 9.30am – 4.30pm. 

“In order to sign up for most of these courses, you will need to attend enrolment,” says Derry Well Women manager Susan Gibson.  Check out the full list of courses here. “All of our courses and classes are designed in line with what you told us you want.” 

“Our new programmes offer ways for you to have individual support through counselling, listening ear, one-to-one clinics and medical signposting.  They also provide you with the chance to meet other women with similar health and lifestyle issues.” 

Women’s Health Courses 2018 

The new courses and programmes at Derry Well Women cover a wide range of needs and include:  

  • complementary therapies  
  • confidence and self-esteem building classes, 
  • assertiveness  
  • mindfulness  
  • developing skills to cope with depression, anxiety and stress  
  • practical supports for women in later life  
  • support for women living with Dementia   


Women’s Health Courses For Mothers 

Derry Well Women is committed to working with mothers and children together.  “We offer a range of programmes suited to supporting the mother/baby relationship,” says Susan. These include: 

  • baby reflexology  
  • baby massage  
  • breastfeeding support  
  • children’s nutrition 
  • sleep management  
  • behaviour management  
  • child development programmes 

All our courses are of course open to mothers. A Creche is available daily from 9.30a.m.—3.30p.m for users of the Centre.  Just contact Monica on 02871360777 to secure a place 

Women’s Health Courses for Post Conflict NI 

Derry Well Women is committed to supporting women who have been directly affected by the Troubles through our Harmony Programme. We now have both knowledge and recognition of the impact of the Troubles on women’s lives.  

“Overall an estimated 53% of people who experienced a conflict related event had a mental health disorder at some point in their life. Women are more likely to experience post traumatic stress disorder than men. Furthermore, women’s symptoms can be more complex and enduring.”  

Women’s Health Courses and Cancer 

Over the years Derry Well Women has led the development of programmes for women living with life threatening illnesses. Our support to women living with a cancer diagnosis includes cancer counselling, a fortnightly cancer support group, a 2-day Cancer Programme programme and an 8-week 36-hour behavioural management programme—The Well Programme. 

Find out more here about our services for women living with cancer.   


“We value the women who use our services. Your health and well-being is our utmost concern. We are committed to delivering the best service possible. To ensure this, we listen to what you tell us. Then we deliver a service that meets the needs of you and your family.” 

“You may not always need us, but we are here when you do,” says Susan.  

Please see schedule for course details. For enquiries about courses, classes or programmes, please call 02871360777 or email: