Harmony Programme

Our society has been deeply traumatised by many years of violent conflict within our communities. Women have been the carers, the peace brokers, the family support and have themselves been victims.This “post conflict” period now brings its own challenges to address. These include developing our own power, increasing our low self esteem and raising our confidence. There have been social consequences which we need to address: drinking and drug abuse, domestic violence and street violence. It is in response to these needs, that Derry Well Women has developed our Harmony Programme: through funding received from the Community Relations Council, we are able to provide a hugely innovative range of services as part of this programme.

About the Programme

The Harmony Project provides a series of programmes or services designed to help women  tackle “post conflict” issues and take the first vital steps towards reassessing and healing their lives and their communities. Through this process women can become more productive and involved in building healthy communities for us all to live in. Participants will have an opportunity to move from one programme to the next to gain knowledge and understanding. With sensitivity and care we invite women in our communities to join us in a safe place to set out on this much needed and courageous journey of healing. We owe it to ourselves and our children to move our lives into a place of peace and harmony.


Our team of counsellors offer a confidential one-to-one service to women in the north west.>>READ MORE

Listening Ear

Listening Ear is a service for women who would like to have someone to talk to in confidence about anything that may be concerning them. >> READ MORE


Is an amazing tool for stress management and overall wellness as it can be used at virtually any time and can quickly bring long lasting results. Mindfulness can be helpful in stopping ruminations over things that cause stress and helps to stop dwelling on negative thoughts.

This programme can bring benefits to your emotional and physical health. Mindfulness is the practice of becoming more fully aware of the present moment rather than dwelling on the past or projecting into the future.

Tonicity for trauma & hurt

Is an innovative approach which deals with trauma and hurt. It is a non-threatening, powerful way of helping people connect with feelings, find expression and develop confidence.

Mindfulness for Everyday Living

This practice will help you to see more clearly the patterns of the mind, to learn how to recognise when your mood is beginning to go down. Mindfulness will teach you how to get back in touch with the experience of being alive by reducing the escalation of negative thoughts and focusing on the present moment.

Life Coaching for Positive Change

Is an opportunity for women to make changes in their lives, to increase their sense of balance and fulfilment. They will learn to identify and overcome the limiting beliefs that hold them back, change behaviours that aren’t helpful, become more resourceful in communicating with others, set really strong personal goals and build positive goals in their futures.

Journey to Inner Peace

This programme will assist you in understanding the value of exploring ways of dealing with personal conflict so you can gain a dgeree of insight into the value of your self awareness leading to personal growth. You will explore the concept of real self and the dysfunctional self, improving positive expectation, self-responsibility, self esteem while learning the value of compassionate communication and the power of speaking the language of peace.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

This course is ideal for anyone who has difficulty with stress, anxiety or depression. Participants will be given an introduction to CBT techniques amd will be supported to challenge negative thinking resulting in improved self-esteem and mood.

For more information about this programme, please contact Derry Well Women on 02871360777 or email info@derrywellwoman.org