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Looking after your Emotional Mental Health and Well-being

The current social distancing measures are placing a strain on the mental health and well being on many women.  Derry Well Women are taking steps to adapt our support services in line with the current social restrictions. We will continually update our website and social media channels on current services offered.

We are always looking at new programmes to support women with our programmes listed below and continue to listen to the feedback from participants on ways to improve this service.

To register or request any of the services below please contact Derry Well Women on: 02871360777 between the hours of 10.00am – 4.00pm Monday to Friday.

Telephone Listening Ear Service. 

If you are feeling isolated, anxious or feel the need to speak to one of our counsellors we can arrange via telephone Listening Ear Support.

Please contact the centre on: 02871360777 between the hours of 10.00am – 4.00pm Monday to Friday to request this service.

MIndfulness Programme with Christina runs on a Thursday from 7.00pm – 9.00pm  via – ZOOM

Practising Mindfulness can:

*Increase your focus and concentration
*Reduce stress and anxiety
*Build appreciation and gratitude
*Promote a calmer mind-set
*Help with over-thinking and worry.

Mindfulness is an amazing tool for stress management and overall wellness as it can be used at virtually any time and can quickly bring long lasting results.

MINI WELL PROGRAMME for women who have a chronic condition ie. Cancer, MS, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, Heart Condition etc
Mini Well Programme
For Physical Wellbeing
For Emotional Wellbeing
For Mental Wellbeing
For Spiritual Well being
Facilitator—Patricia Swann
The programme covers the Basics of Wellbeing for women who feel they need that little bit of help kick-starting their Physical, mental health and emotional wellbeing during the easing of some restrictions following Covid-19.  It will meet your needs by looking at how you breathe, rest, drink, eat, move, sleep and think. It will also be assessing how you’re doing, and improving your overall health and include
Qi gong and Guided Meditation tasters.
To register for the next programme please contact:
Derry Well Women on: 02871360777



This programme may have caught your attention because you have persistent or chronic pain. If so, you will know that pain can seriously affect the quality of your life. It affects your work and your home life. Often your family and friends can’t really understand what you are going through. You have probably tried various treatments and now you wonder if you are going to have to live with pain forever and how you are going to cope when you are in such pain.

The programme aims to:
o Provide you with information and education about pain
o Teach you a variety of techniques, strategies and skills to manage your pain
o Help you to feel more in control of your pain so that your pain does not control you
o Learn about the experiences and lasting improvements of other pain sufferers on the course, to help understand how you could learn to manage pain.
o Improve your quality of life and see your pain as being a part of you and not all of you.
o Maintain a healthy emotional well-being
Week 1 – Pain and the Brain
o Understanding your pain
Week 2 – Coming to Terms with your pain:
o Acceptance
o Having an open Mind
Week 3 – Pain and Mood
Cognitive Distortions
Week 4 – Pain and Sleep
Week 5 – Pain and Exercise & Diet
Week 6 – Planning around your pain
o Building a support network
o Goal setting
o Pacing yourself
Week 7 – Pain and Mindfulness and Meditation
Week 8 – Pain and Uncertainty
o Setback Plans
o Diary Keeping
o Self Compassion


Mind Matters via- ZOOM with Tracy Harrison

This programme aims to raise awareness of mental health and how it impacts our lives. It will help you understand and recognise the causes, symptoms and identify practical steps to build a healthier emotional well-being.

Week 1 – 
• Maintaining Health Relationships

Week 2 –

•Stress Management
Week 3 –
• Sleep Hygiene
Week 4 –
• Relaxation and Meditation
Week 5 – Friday 3 July 2020
• Challenging Negative Thinking
Week 6 –
• Communicating with Others
Week 7 –
• Dealing with Anxiety
Week 8 –
• Resilience Building

The programme runs on a Wednesday evening from 6.30pm – 8.30pm  via ZOOM.

Sing Tonicity -via ZOOM

We will be running twice weekly 40min sessions of Sing Tonicity via ZOOM with Siobhan Heaney.

If you are feeling stressed, tired, lacking confidence or would like to improve your breathing technique then you could benefit from this programme.

If you would like to register for this programme please contact the centre on: 02871360777 between 10.00am – 4.00pm Monday to Friday.

The programme runs on a Monday morning from 11am – 12.30pm   via ZOOM.



We will now be offering Pilates classes via Zoom with our current facilitator Catherine Rough.

These classes will take place every Monday from 11.00am – 12Noon via ZOOM

If you would like to register please contact Derry Well Women on: 02871360777 between the hours of 10.00am – 4.00pm Monday to Friday.


Family Activity Packs for mothers with young children

Over the coming weeks our creche staff will be supporting families with young children by delivering activity packs to our regular creche users.


Pre and Post Natal Mental Health Packs

Over the next few days staff will be delivering or posting out Mental Health packs for Pre and Post natal mums.

The packs include reading information and helpful tips on how to deal with stress and anxiety.  This material has been put together by Karen Baldwin (Accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapist)

if you would like to request a pack contact Derry Well Women on: 02871360777.


Body Soul Balance—from Anxiety to Joy
These classes will take place on a Wednesday  from 11.00am – 12Noon via ZOOM
This course is for rebuilding our trust in life, and reducing anxiety and fears.
We can have a “restart” and consciously invest in what makes life worth living.
This programme will contain Meditation, visualisations and wisdom and practical tips from varied traditions, respecting all.
Derry Well Women ZOOM Breastfeeding Support Group
Our aim is to provide a kind, caring, safe space for women to access breastfeeding advice and support.
This group is facilitated by Staff from the Western Health & Social Care Trust and peer support mothers who have breastfed themselves and have received additional training.
The group runs every Thursday morning from 11am – 12Noon
If you would like to register please contact Derry Well Women on: 02871360777.
To give everyone a chance to have the support they need this group will have limited numbers.
Derry Well Women will be running a 6 weeks Self Esteem Programme from Tuesday 27th October – 6.30pm – 8.30pm via online ZOOM with Philomena MacDermott.
To register for this programme please contact the centre on: 02871360777.
Begins on Thursday 29th October 2020 from 7pm – 9pm – delivered via Zoom
The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is stressful for everyone. Mental health issues have continued and indeed increased as a result, with experiences of fear, isolation, anxiety, loss and despair. Fear and anxiety about a new disease and what could happen can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions in adults and children. However, coping with all these stressors in a healthy way will make you, the people you care about, and your community stronger.
The aim of this 6-week programme therefore is to raise awareness of mental health and how it and other external stressors impact our lives. It will help you understand and recognise the causes, symptoms and identify practical steps to build a healthier emotional well-being.
Week 1 ​- Understanding Stress and Anxiety
Week 2 ​- Facing your Fears
Week 3 ​- Coping with Change During Covid
Week 4 ​- Challenging Negative Thinking
Week 5 ​- Mindful Compassion
Week 6 ​- Planning ahead: learning to take back control!
To register for this programme contact Derry Well Women on: 02871360777
Course duration—6 weeks
This course is designed to support women who may be experiencing depression or underlying anxiety.
Its aim is to teach coping skills which women affected by depression/anxiety can employ to help deal with the
symptoms that affect them personally.
Information regarding complementary therapies, diet and sleep will also be given. The facilitator will also be able to discuss the use of prescribed drugs.
Start Date: 26th October 2020 – 6.30pm—8.30pm



This service is covered by an experienced nurse who has been running our menopause clinic for the past number of years. It aims to provide women with the opportunity to discuss any concerns relating to the menopause with an experienced health professional.

30 min appointments are available by telephone ONLY  from 10.00am. Contact the centre on: 02871360777 to find out the next clinic date.