If you are a GP, Health Visitor, Community Psychiatric Nurse Social Worker or Health Practitioner you can make a referral to any Derry Well Women Service. DWW is a recognised community based women’s health organisation providing health and social care programmes to women since 1989.

Contracted with the WHSCT, Derry Well Woman provides services to 2,500 women throughout the year. DWW welcomes referrals from Health and Social Care Practitioners and works in partnership with them to deliver the highest possible standard of care. All of our services are run by qualified and trained staff and use evidence based programmes. Psychometric tests e.g. General Health Questionnaires, Becks and Rosenberg indices and CORE, results indicate that each health dimension; physical, emotional, mental behaviour and lifestyle all improve significantly for women participating on our programmes e.g. following participation on The Well Programme for women living with cancer their physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing had significantly improved. Our approach is holistic and caters for women’s needs at every age or stage of life.

Our services cover areas as diverse as managing chronic conditions like cancer, and mental health challenges, through to parenting, breastfeeding support, miscarriage and menopause. All our Counsellors hold a diploma in counselling and are either accredited with BACP or, are in the process of being accredited. Our Complementary Therapists hold a relevant qualification and are insured through a recognised accredited body.

To make a referral to any of our services please contact Ann McDonald, Counselling Co-ordinator or Patricia Villa, Programme Liaison Officer on 02871360777. DWW has 3 enrolment days each year April/September/January. We are available to discuss any of our services with you at any time,

For Schools

Derry Well Women is here to support schools in the personal and social development of children.

If you are a teacher working with children both primary and post primary we run a number of programmes which may be of interest to your pupils. These include programmes on Puberty, Healthy Relationships, Self Esteem, PMS, Eating Disorders and Managing Stress.

After speaking to my daughter about the recent growing up talk for Primary 7 children at Saint Catherine’s Primary school I was pleased to hear how much she actually gained from this valuable talk. She was able to relay the information to me in a confident, knowledgeable manner. She said she really enjoyed the session and the facilitator was very good. A very valuable session on growing up and the changes that happen to young people. I would highly recommend to all Primary 7 parents. Thank you for helping with a difficult subject” Strabane Parent.

If you are interested in any of these please contact Patricia Villa, Programme Liaison Officer on 02871360777.