Our Aims

The aims of Derry Well Women cover three main areas:

  1. To provide a comprehensive and accessible women-centred health service in a relaxed and non-clinical atmosphere run by women, for women and to deliver this service, in partnership with other agencies, via a range of programmes and activities relating to aspects of women’s well-being.
  2. To support Community Health Projects through the sharing of Derry Well Woman best practice and by working with existing community/women’s groups particularly in areas of disadvantage.
  3. To improve the health status of women who experience inequality, isolation and exclusion; and to partner with other groups in campaigning to reduce exclusion and address how it affects the health status of the most vulnerable in society, specifically Travellers and marginalised women.

Derry Well Women delivers these aims via a range of services, which are based on evidence of good practice and research, and shaped by the latest thinking and by listening to the needs of our clients. We are committed to staff welfare and offer opportunities relating to family friendly working & work/life balance available to our staff.