Our Ethos

At Derry Well Women our approach is holistic, based on the belief that our well-being is determined by a combination of physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, social, political, economic and environmental considerations.
In addition, we:
Listen… and treat women in a gentle, friendly and respectful way.
Support women to take control of their own lives.
Believe healing is most effective when each person can choose their own method, pace and support systems.
• Offer total confidentiality
Provide choices to encourage women to find their own answers and we are committed to creating the conditions in which women can heal themselves and grow.
• Encourage all women involved in Derry Well Women to take our own needs for rest, recreation, stimulation and care seriously.
Don’t create dependence on counsellors or group facilitators.
Recognise the oppression of women and allow women to explore this and act.
Encourage women to tell us what they think of our services and to become involved as part of the overall healing and growth of women.
Embrace the Health for All principles of equality, participation, empowerment and partnership.