This 8 week programme is based on teaching people the ten keys to happier living based on the latest scientific research relating to happiness. The programme teaches a range of CBT techniques to help people be able to put the 10 key areas into practice in their own lives. The theory is based on the fact that people who are happy and fulfilled in their lives are content and not suffering from distress, anxiety or depression. If we can learn how to promote and apply happiness in our own lives then the quality of our lives will improve.

The Action for Happiness programme teaches a range of CBT techniques including: becoming more active, fitness, mindfulness, setting goals, changing our perception on events and situations, addressing anxiety, improving confidence, assertiveness training, controlling anger, improving self-esteem, changing habits and taking risks to make positive changes to our lives.

When is the course?

The next 8 week Action for Happiness Programme begins on Wednesday 25th January 2023 from 10am - 12Noon


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