Cancer Connected Communities is a partnership led by Derry Well Women with Action Cancer, Advice North West, Cancer Focus, Care for Cancer and SWELL dedicated to supporting people affected by cancer across the Western Heath Social Care Trust (WHSCT) area including those living with or beyond a cancer diagnosis, family members and carers.

Funded by the National Lottery Charities Board the Cancer Connected Communities initiative will support cancer patients to take the lead in creating a change agenda to integrate and improve cancer care in the Western Heath Social Care Trust (WHSCT) area.

Through the application of coproduction principles and the Derry Well Women (DWW) model of engagement there will be improved connection and integration for people living with cancer.

The Cancer Connected Communities project will:

  • Engage marginalised groups for whom cancer services may be limited and for whom barriers to access exist
  • Deliver support programmes
  • Listen to cancer programme participants
  • Set priorities for improved cancer services
  • Directly articulate priorities to service planners to influence strategic change


Our partners offer a range of free and confidential services designed to nourish and support whether you are going through your own cancer journey, you are a family member or a carer to someone living with cancer.

Counselling: Talk things through with someone who will listen and understand.

Support Groups: Meet others with shared experiences in a safe and welcoming environment.

Complementary Therapy: Take time out  for yourself.

Arts and Music: Express your creativity through an arts programme or even join a choir.

Welfare Advice: Experts to help you with financial worries.

Nutrition advice and physical activities: To support your wellbeing

Your voice is important

We know that people affected by cancer often experience issues with cancer care, accessing services and in other aspects of life including finances, housing and mental health. Cancer Connected Communities are here to listen and bring people together with service planners so we can work together to identify issues and help improve local services.

Your voice is important in making that change happen and we want you to be part of the discussion to achieve change for the better. You can tell us about the issues that affect you when attending our programmes and we will invite you to join us at workshops with local service providers.

“Everyone’s cancer journey is different, so they need different support and information. Being able to have a voice and use our varying experience to improve services is brilliant … This project is going to make a big difference to people like me.”

For more information on this project or if you would like to share your experiences with us please contact Deirdre O’Neill, Programme Manager (deirdre@derrywellwoman.org) or Jennifer Turner, Resource Assistant (jennifer@derrywellwoman.org) or call us on 028 71 360777.


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