Our society has been deeply traumatised by many years of violent conflict within our communities. Women have been the carers, the peace brokers and family supporters and have themselves been victims/survivors of the Troubles. This “post conflict” period now brings its own challenges to address. These include developing our own compassion, increasing our self-esteem and confidence. There have been social consequences which we need to address: drinking and drug abuse, domestic violence and street violence. It is in response to these needs, that Derry Well Women has developed our Harmony Programme: through funding received from the Victim & Survivors Service that we are able to provide a hugely innovative range of services as part of this programme.


Our team of counsellors offer a confidential one-to-one service to women in the North West. Our counselling service complies with best practice as described in the BACP/IACP guidelines. About the Counselling Our counselling service is provided by a dedicated team of 14 counsellors. We provide counselling to women who are experiencing mild to moderate mental…

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Listening Ear

Listening ear is a one off session provided to women who would like to talk to a trained listener, in a safe and confidential space about issues that are concerning them. The Listening Ear service is a free To make an appointment please contact Ann Mc Donald on 028 7136 0777 or email counselling@derrywellwoman.org

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Harmony Programme

The Harmony Project provides numerous programmes designed to help women face “post conflict” issues and take the vital steps towards reassessing and healing their lives and their communities. Through this process women will become more productive and involved in building healthy communities for us all to live in. Participants will have an opportunity to engage…

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