The Young at Heart Programme runs every Wednesday from 2.00pm – 4.00pm and is an 8 week health club for women 60+ to 90 Years.

This lively group is open to all older women. It identifies issues which are of concern for us getting older including home safety, loneliness, exercise, maintaining a healthy diet, medicine management, sexuality, caring and maintaining a healthy mind.

The programme is facilitated by Deirdre O’ Hara and co-facilitated by Stephanie Mc Gregor, it also includes guest inputs.

This is a fun health club where you can enjoy meeting new friends and have a laugh over a cup of tea and reminisce with friends and learn new things.

The Young at Heart Programme promotes the PHA 5 Ways of Well-being and integrates these into the programme.

  • For our bodies: Be Active
  • For our minds: Keep Learning
  • For our spirit: Give
  • For our social world: Connect
  • For our City: Take Notice

For more information or to check when the next programme starts, please contact Derry Well Women on 02871360777 or email info@derrywellwoman.org

When is the course?

every Wednesday from 1.30pm – 3.30pm


Deirdre O’ Hara and Stephanie Mc Gregor


Contact Derry Well Women for more information regarding Young at Heart – Older Women Programme

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