Research On Women And The Troubles

Research On Women And The Troubles

Can you help with some research on Women and The Troubles? It’s being conducted by Ulster University and they want to record women’s memories of their everyday lives during the Troubles.

They’d like to speak to women between the ages of 38 and 60 about your experience of everyday life in the home during the Troubles.

They want to talk to you about:

  • Your experiences of where you lived and what day-to-day life was like during the conflict
  • What your neighbourhood was like
  • What you think about things have been written about the home in Northern Ireland


What’s Involved in Women and The Troubles Research?

If you are happy to take part, then you will:

  • Complete a short questionnaire
  • Participate in an interview lasting 60-90 minutes
  • Read a few short bits of text and tell us what you think about them


Why Is This Women and The Troubles Research Important?

This research will help give a voice to your experiences. It will also help people understand the importance of the experiences of everyday life for women during the Troubles, beyond the headlines. The research might be written up and shared with a wider audience. But the researchers have gauranted they will be very careful that nobody will ever be able to tell that the information is about you.

All the interviews are anonymous and they will use pseudonyms (false names) when writing about experiences.

You will be given a £10 Amazon voucher to thank you for your time completing this study.

This study has been reviewed by the Ulster University School of Psychology Filter Committee.  Ethical approval was awarded on 17/09/18. The Chief investigator is Dr. Claire Campbell and you can contact her on 028 7012 4123 or 

If you would like to take part in an interview please contact Eli by email: by 19/10/18 for the Participant Information Sheet and further details