Creche facilities are available for children aged from eight weeks to pre-school age, whose parents, guardians or carers are using the services offered by Derry Well Women.

Our Staff

Monica Downey, Creche Co-Ordinator –

Patricia McAdams, Creche Assistant –

All our staff are qualified, have training in first aid and child protection and are committed to the child confidentiality policy.

Aims of the Creche

The creche is dedicated to providing a welcoming, attractive and stimulating play environment. Through play we work to help the physical, emotional, intellectual and social development of all babies and toddlers.

The Creche Aims

  • To encourage children to gain early independence by managing apart from their parent/carer for a short time
  • To assist children to develop a sense of their own identity and positive self regard
  • To provide children with life enhancing experiences which contribute to a positive start in their lives
  • To support the positive development of the mother/baby relationship

Joining the Creche

Places are available to children from eight weeks to pre-school age, whose parents are using centre services provided by Derry Well Women. The creche is open from 9.30am to 3.30pm and provides free access for 6 children for 2 hours per session, twice daily, five days per week. However, it is important to book in advance as places are limited. Our creche has a settling in process to help mum and child become comfortable and content.

Play Opportunities

A wide range of structured and free play opportunities are provided. We provide a variety of equipment, materials and activities for different ages and stages along with multi cultural and diversity toys which enable the children to explore diversity. We provide a wide range of recycled materials to encourage heuristic play. Parents receive a small development booklet which shows in picture and story how each child has developed during their time in the Creche.

Sensory Garden

We have a small garden where children can gain first hand experience of growing fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers. Children are also able to enjoy outside play using natural materials.

Healthy Breaks

Our Creche promotes healthy eating for children, and we provide a variety of fruit options.

Quality Time for the Whole Family

Outside of Creche hours we organise quality time for families at the end of each term through trips and events. We make good use of local resources e.g. The Playtrail, Ballyarnat, St. Columbs Park, The Butterfly Farm, Letterkenny. Our next event is Easter Bunny Hunt at St Columb’s Park. For further details contact Monica or Patricia at 028 71 360777.

Maintaining Best Practice

Our creche is registered with and regularly inspected by the Early Years Team, Western Health & Social Care Trust. Our creche is a member of the Early Years Network and has an Early Years Advisor. Staff continualy update on latest thinking and training in childcare. ( or )

Policies and Procedures

Our Policies and Procedures are provided to parents in both hard copy and CD. All parents receive a Creche booklet which includes guidelines on child safety within the Creche.